These are the most important advantages that semantic markup give us: 1. The semantic HTML aims to describe the meaning of the content present in HTML documents, making it clearer for both programmers and browsers, and other engines that process this information. As discussed so far, we realize the key benefits from Semantic HTML: Semantics elements support the accessibility. Do you use a div tag for enclosing every significant section of your webpage and are tired of maintaining the whole codebase afterward, then I highly suggest you to start using Semantic HTML in your code. Thomas Toledo-Pierre Nov 18, 2019 ・5 min read. Wether you are a beginner, or an expert in development, there is one thing you are likely to forget when it comes to coding HTML documents, and that thing is semantic HTML. Are we really satistifed with the status quo? For example, a … I think you all will agree with me, that you like resources that are intuitive and easy to use. Sometimes small adjustments or fine tuning can make a huge difference for users. In this article, we're going to present the main semantic tags embedded in the HTML language. The audience can visit a page and access it in an environment and without the use of CSS. Why do I need to use semantic HTML5 tags? Instead of constantly gathering, sifting, and analyzing vague clues, couldn't we just help a bit with better data description and then let machines help us cut to the chase? The use of proper semantic HTML can boost up your website usability and accessibility. To use Semantic markup simply means that you use the appropriate built-in HTML tags to wrap around your content so that they represent your content best. Why use HTML5 semantic tags like headers, section, nav, and article instead of simply div with the preferred css to it?. This is why the use off Semantic HTML is generally encouraged. On the other side, the browsers can read, understand and render any HTML tag correctly even when semantic HTML is not applied. webdev, html, codenewbie. Semantic HTML elements are those that clearly describe their meaning in a human- and machine-readable way. Semantic HTML And Why Does it Matter. For sighted users, when a page is well designed visually, it is easy to identify the various parts of a web page at a glance. Headers, menus, and (hopefully) the main content are all immediately visually apparent. Is it only for the appropriate names for … So, really, using old school divs for footers, nav, etc, and wrapping them with the new HTML 5 … Elements such as